This section of my website contains a number of videos that display selections of my favourite photographs set to soothing classical music. Relax and enjoy!!

The individual videos can also be accessed from relevant galleries in the site.


This video showcases a selection of my favourite flower photographs, accompanied by Mozart's hauntingly beautiful Clarinet Concerto in A Major.

Panorama Landscapes

This video contains a number of my panorama landscape photographs that are in the 3 to 1 ratio. These photographs are accompanied by Beethoven's beautiful and soothing Moonlight Sonata.

Landscape Photographs

This video showcases a selection of my landscape photographs in the more "normal" ration of 3 to 2. These photographs are accompanied by the beautiful and relaxing Handel's Largo.

Cat Photographs

This video contains photographs of the family cats (two ginger and two black), and two other cats that come calling from time to time!! The photographs are set to Bach's Air on a G String!!

St Patrick's Day Celebration

This video is a special celebration of St Patrick's Day. It includes the main locations associated with St Patrick in the County Down area. These locations are Down Cathedral (near Downpatrick), including St Patrick's grave, Saul Church (established by St Patrick), Inch Abbey, and the Quoile River which meanders through this area. The photographs are set to music associated with St Patrick.